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2014 Mock Draft

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First round
  • St. Louis has a #1 pick from Washington (2012 draft trade for QB Robert Griffin)
  • Cleveland has a #1 pick from Indianapolis (RB Trent Richardson)
Second Round
  • San Francisco has a #2 from Kansas City (QB Alex Smith)

Third round
  • Minnesota has a #3 from Seattle (WR Percy Harvin)
  • San Francisco has a #3 from Tennessee (2013 draft day trade)
  • Cleveland has a #3 from Pittsburgh (2013 draft day trade)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers get Compensatory pick
  • Green Bay Packers get Compensatory pick
  • Baltimore get Compensatory pick
  • San Francisco get Compensatory pick
Fourth round
  • The NY Jets have a conditonal pick from Tampa Bay (CB Darelle Revis; pick escalates to a #3 if Revis is on the Bucs roster the third day of the 2014 football year)
  • Cleveland has a #4 from Indianapolis (2013 draft day trade)
  • Jacksonville has a #4 from Baltimore (OT Eugene Monroe) 
  • Ravens, Jets, Texans, Falcons, Lions and Patriots all get Compensatory picks
  •    Fifth round

  • Jacksonville has a #5 from Detroit (WR Mike Thomas)
  • Jacksonville has a #5 from Baltimore (OT Eugene Monroe)
  • Seattle has a #5 from Oakland (QB Matt Flynn)
  • Philadelphia has a #5 from New England (DT Isaac Sapoaga)
  • Steelers, Packers, Ravens and Giants get Compensatory picks
Sixth round
  • Chicago has a #6 pick from Tampa Bay (OT Gabe Carimi)
  • Kansas City has a 6 from Dallas (LB Edgar Jones)
  • New England has a #6 from Philadephia (DT Isaac Sapoaga) 
  • Rams, Jets, Steelers, Texans and Bengals get Compensatory picks
Seventh round
  • San Francisco has a #7 pick from Carolina (S Colin Jones)
  • San Francisco has a #7 from New Orleans (LB Parys Haralson)
  • Oakand has a conditional #7 from Arizona (QB Carson Palmer - if he starts 13 games in 2013)
  • Dallas has a #7 from Kansas City (LB Edgar Jones)
  • Dallas has a #7 from Chicago (TE Dante Rosario)
  • San Francisco has a conditional #7 from Indianapolis (LB Cam Johnson)
  • Carolina has a #7 from the NY Giants (LB Jon Beason)
  • Dallas, Bengals, Falons, Texans, and Rams get Compensatory picks