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American football is absolutely one of the best sports in the world – it has international fame for all the right reasons – it is an action-packed sport that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is exactly what made it the most popular past-time activity in the USA, and the NFL is absolutely the most exciting league you should know about.

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If you came here to read the latest NFL news now, we have good news for you. We did a lot of research on the recent events and happenings, and here is what you should know about the NFL news now in the USA:

The Jets have a hard time this season. According to the coach – Adam Gase, the results on Sam Darnold’s spleen aren’t looking good. So, due to this, it is unknown what the recovery will take. One thing is sure, that he won’t be playing against the Eagles on Sunday.

Another recent NFL news now that hit us unexpectedly was that ever since Ben Roethlisberger went down, so did JuJu Smith-Schuster productions. Now, the quarterback for the Steelers vowed that he will get his receiver more involved in the future.

More recent NFL news about the NFL world is that Russel Wilson kept on surprising us. In fact, many were cornered when we saw that he’s playing the best-football of his career. Even the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed that this is the best game he’s seen from Wilson.

Recent Rumors and Highlights

You cannot possibly be in the world of NFL news if you don’t know the most recent rumors of the league. And believe us, there is a lot to talk about. Many of the recent events in the NLF that were highlighted by all sports-news sites ended up being true, so this is why we should focus on the top trending rumors of today.

One of the most recent rumors is that Roquan Smith will be traveling with the Bears on the London trip. He sat out the Chicago’s win over Minesotta because of “personal” reasons, but he will be accompanying the Bears on their way to play against the Oakland Riders. So, that’s something juicy we should have in mind.

Another thing that really grinds our gears is that Jets quarterback Darnold isn’t recovering as expected. According to recent rumors, he has mononucleosis, and the process of getting better might be taking too much. Will that affect the strength of the New York jets, we are about to see.

Who Is the Best Team in NFL 2019

The NFL is a really dynamic league with a lot of great team and players. But according to how things are going this season, it is safe to say that the best teams in the 2019 NFL are The New Orleans Saints, currently with about 140.05 points. Right below them, on the second place according to the recent turns of events we have the Los Angeles Chargers, with 5 points less than the Saints.

Although the season isn’t finished so far, we still have some good predictions about the Green Bay Packers and of course, the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is surely going to be an exciting season!

Superbowl: NFL Most Popular Event

The Superbowl is the most popular event in the whole NFL saga. It is one of the most watched events on a both local and international level, and many people make the Superbowl an event of their own.

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The Best NFL Player of All Time

There are many internationally-famous NFL players, and they got their fame by being great at what they do – playing American football. However, one name always stands out from the crowd, as it is one of the people that all NLF players look up to. Of course, we are talking about Tom Brady – a true NFL legend.

Besides Brady, other names deserve recognition too – Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor, Walter Payton and Jim Brown, respectfully.