We have been in the season for three weeks, and the NFL statistics and records are continually appearing with performances by QB novices or several RBS. But we don’t do “spoilers” and best we went to what we left the week 3 of the Season 2019 in numbers.

With another high performance defensively, the New England Patriots are the first team to not allow a touchdown bypass or by land in each of the first three games of the season in the era of the Super Bowls.

Also, the Patriots are the first team to keep their opponents scoreless in the first half of five consecutive games, including the postseason. It is the longest streak of this kind in the era of the Super Bowls.

And continuing with the same team, Tom Brady, who made 306 yards and two scoring passes, reached the 71 games of more than 300 yards thrown and at least two scorings to surpass Peyton Manning (70) in the second position of these games in NFL history. Only Drew Brees has more games of this kind (93).

In-game number 20 of your career, Patrick Mahomes passed for 374 yards with three annotations without being intercepted, including a rating of QB-132.0. Mahomes has the highest name of yards per pass (6 576), the highest number of touchdown passes (60) and the highest QB rating (115.3) with at least 100 passes released for the first 20 race Games in NFL history.

Besides, it was your game number 13 in the one that gets at least 300 yards passing, leaving behind the record of Kurt Warner (12 games) of the highest amount of games of this type within the top 20 of the race.

The running back of the Vikings, Dalvin Cook, brought the ball for 110 yards and a touchdown against the Raiders. With previous performances in the year, where he got 111 yards in Week 1 and 154 yards in Week 2, he became the fifth player in the story with at least 110 yards per ground and a touchdown in each of the first three games of the season. He joins Jim Brown (1958), Curtis Martin (2004), O. J. Simpson (1975) and Emmitt Smith (1995), all members of the Hall of Fame.

Another running back, Alvin Kamara of the Saints, got 161 yards combined (by ground and by reception) with two touchdowns against the Seahawks. It now has 23 annotations by land and ten by a response in 34 games of career, thus becoming the fifth player in NFL history with at least 20 annotations terrestrial and at least 10 per reception in his first three seasons. The other four players to achieve this were Marcus Allen, Roger Craig, Chuck Foreman, and Abner Haynes.

Here you can find all the updated information about football positions on the NFL calendar week by week. Follow your favorite team carefully. Keep abreast of their games won, lost, winning percentage. Follow your current streak and results from the last five games to use when you place your online sports bets.

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