In a few hours, the NFL trades market is closed, and the day is full of rumors of possible exchanges; let’s see the most interesting ones.

The NFL is close to closing the transfer market. This means that teams will no longer be able to exchange players. Those franchises that they are fighting for the playoffs, you can tweak their templates, while the sides of the low part of the standings look as of the future and seek rounds of draft and players that continue with their reconstruction.

The last few hours have been moving in the market: Garoppolo’s arrival at the 49ers and Brian Hoyer’s cut, the trade by Duane Brown of the Seahawks have opened a ban on a tradeline that promises to give us some more surprise. Many are the names that sound to reinforce contending teams; we will see the most exciting and possible destinations.

List of rumors at NFL market closure

  • And Hilton, WR for the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have crushed their season. Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury has left them with no choice to fight for playoffs. This could make talented players like T. and Hilton look for a franchise to fight for higher levels. Two teams are playing hard to get with the leading receiver for the Colts

Possible destinations: Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens

The Panthers are not enjoying a good air game, the March of players like Ted Ginn has left them without that fast player able to go deep and take advantage of Cam Newton’s dominant arm, so it makes sense for them to look for Hilton.

Joe Flacco has a cannon in his arm and bombs are his specialty. The Ravens have always been better off with a player capable of opening up defenses; in his day was Torrey Smith, and now the possibility of adding T. and Hilton to his roster sounds strong. The Ravens need to put knew new in the attack.

  • Calvin Johnson, wide receiver retired

`Megatron could return to the NFL. The rumors about the reinstatement of one of the best receivers of the last decade are more than remarkable. Teams like the Eagles or the Jaguars would have even held a meeting with the player and his agents. The problem is that the rights of the player have the Lions, but think that the franchise of Detroit would not cause many problems for the WR to return to the NFL.

Possible destinations: Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Eagles are sweet and are a franchise any veteran would like to go to to try to get a ring. Jordan Matthews ‘ trade left them without that big WR capable of winning divided balls, even if they don’t need to have `Megatron would always be of help to Wentz.

The Jaguars are a race team. Leonard Fournette has arrived to be the beacon leading the attack, but Allen Robinson’s casualty left them without a clear WR1. Calvin Johnson would have the opportunity to play on an offensive in which he would be a secondary player, something that at his age and after this season without playing could see with perfect eyes.

  • Carlos Hyde, running back of the San Francisco 49ers

The Niners have made the craziest move on the market so far, taking over the services of Jimmy Garoppolo. This movie tells us that the team is thinking about the future, something that the few quality players of the team don’t have to share. Carlos Hyde has been at the 49ers fire for many months, and it may be time for him to change his air.

Possible destinations: Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens

Dalvin Cook’s injury discharge left the Vikings without their biggest offensive stiletto. That defense needs a more consistent attack, and the arrival of Carlos Hyde would give them a significant bonus in the race game. Very logical motion, though probably short-lived in time.

Baltimore has such a loose attack that it makes sense for every player of a certain level to sound for them. This is not the first time Hyde’s name has been planned by the offices of the corvids and since Justin Forsett, the team has not managed to have a powerful race game. The Ravens ‘ defense is to fight for playoffs, not their attack. They have to do something.