Week 4 arrived, and with it the first days of rest in the regular NFL campaign, playing the turn to Jets and Niners in the first instance.

Also, the number of invites was drastically reduced, leaving only three, including the 49ers themselves.

By Week 5, The Lions and Dolphins will not see action, while the international portion of the calendar is inaugurated with the Raiders and Bears visiting London.

Note: the number in parentheses corresponds to the site that occupied that team in the previous edition of the Power Rankings.

  1. New England Patriots. The Patriots demonstrated that they don’t need Tom Brady to win tight matches right now. The defensive is playing on a high level, and if you keep it up, it will become increasingly difficult to slow them down as the attack starts to pick up the pace later in the season. — EC
  2. Kansas City Chiefs. The Lions represented a more exciting challenge than the Ravens a week ago. They continue to exhibit many problems to contain the ground attacks, but they proved able to impose themselves without a Patrick Mahomes touchdown pass, and that should scare anyone. — LMV
  3. New Orleans Saints. The Dallas team should not be minimized after they fell to the Saints, nor should this win be made for New Orleans, which was able to dominate an excellent team in the trenches. Cornerback Marshon Lattimore also had a game featured. — RZ
  4. San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers were the biggest beneficiary of the surprise Week 4, climbing positions without playing. There are only three undefeated left in the NFL, and San Francisco is one of them, a scenario that very few imagined in the summer. However, they return to the action against some hot Browns on “”Monday Night Football,”” and there they must make it clear whether they are a real team or a mirage. — EC
  5. Chicago Bears. Chicago showed a great character in a critical divisional game against the Vikings. They lost Mitchell Trubisky in the first games, but that seemed to matter little to them as they only required 16 points to win the victory thanks to an elite defense. — LMV
  6. Seattle Seahawks. An interception returned for interception by Jadeveon Clowney helped set the pace for a game that the Seahawks dominated from beginning to end in Arizona, as expected. — RZ
  7. Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott failed in his first real audition in search of a new contract: he could not lead the Cowboys to victory in his visit to the Saints in a match where he had to show his value to Dallas. It’s not the same to face teams with no wins in the season as to play against a contender like New Orleans. — EC
  8. Green Bay Packers. Yeah, it’s true, they’re getting to the quarterback like they probably haven’t been for a long time, but against the race, they have some real avenues, and the worst news is that Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys are coming. Things can get ugly. — LMV
  9. Los Angeles Rams. The Rams have lost some of the brilliance that made them play so well in 2018, and it is difficult to find the cause because, in essence, it is the same team, although the first thing that stands out is that Todd Gurley II is still very far from the level he had 12 months ago. — RZ
  10. Detroit Lions. Detroit sent a message to the rest of the league with their high performance against Kansas City, despite the defeat. The Lions were able to”” control “” Patrick Mahomes to hold a tight duel, and that should certainly fill them with confidence towards their week off. — EC